Welcome to ext2minator!

ext2minator is a simple tool that simulates and visualizes the ext2 file system used in older versions of Linux.

For the lost and weary souls who aren't sure where to begin: we recommend trying out the tutorial!

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* Enter the following commands to create directories and files.
* Click on "?" or type "help" to display this window again.

$ mkdir [directory] : Create new directory
$ cd [path] : Change directory
$ mkfile [filename] [size] : Make a new text file with given size
$ display inode [number] : Displays inode structure
$ display block [number] : Displays data block structure
$ rm [-r] [directory] : Removes directory
$ ls [path] : Lists all the directories and files
$ ln [source] [destination] : Creates a link
$ pwd : Displays the current working directory
$ help : Display a list of available commands

$ ?
inode bitmap
block bitmap